As a care provider, when you have decided that you want an Electronic Medical Record installed at your practice – then it is time to go the EMR market and check out the various options you have.

As a popular software solution, Electronic Medical Record is abundantly available in the market, offered by thousand of vendors, all promoting different features, functionalists, design, usability and costs. This can hence be very overwhelming for care providers who are in a rush to get this technology-oriented predicament sorted out.

Research suggests that most of the times, care providers take little interest in the details of the product itself, and in fact base their purchasing decision on cost and visual appeal that the software brings with itself. It is imperative for providers to think about the long-term and base their decision on what their current needs are and what their needs would be in the future.

It is infinitely better to purchase an integrated EMR solution that includes Practice Management Solution, Patient Portal and Medical Billing Services. A standalone Electronic Medical Records solution or a Practice Management Solution can lead to compatibility issues which further lead to disruptions in daily workflows.

An integrated Practice Management Solution has the ability to streamline administrative and financial matters for practices, allowing for higher productivity and profitability. This also drives efficiency and eradicates delays in reimbursements – enabling providers to do what they have been trained to do i.e. treating patients and not worrying about administrative time-taking aspects of a busy practice.

With Patient Portals, care providers can help and facilitate patients to request appointments, order prescription refills, communicate with patients and enable quality care especially in the case of Patient Centered Medical Homes.

Integrated with Electronic Medical Records, Medical Billing Services permit quick charge capturing and submission of claims right from the EMR software.
Conclusively, care providers should opt for the solution that best suits their needs. A solution which is easy-to-use, worth the money, and that has a great reputation in the market.