One of the most important things to do after you have selected your EHR Software (Electronic Health Record) is to train or get the staff at the practice trained.

Implementing an EHR Software at your practice is a daunting task and requires dedication, commitment and a goal to make the practice more efficient than it has ever been before. A new system at the workplace is exciting for some, and those who are against change, look at it as a burden.

However you may feel about Electronic Health Records Software, know that they are here to stay, they are going to make your life more efficient, they are initially going to cost a bit but are going to save you money in the long-run, and that they are going to help you save more lives than it was ever possible before. 

Before actually starting to work on the new EHR Software, it is essential to make sure that everybody is used to the software and knows how to perform his/her designated task. For this to happen, they will need to be trained. 

Some of the best practices to get your staff trained on EHR are mentioned below. 

First off, it is important to ascertain the level of basic computer skills of your staff. Find out how much computer does the staff know, and train them based on this information.

Secondly, when you see what each individual is capable of, use one or two individuals who are relatively good to train their colleagues. In this way, knowledge and information sharing regard the EHR Software is possible, and will help train the staff at high pace.

Furthermore, it is important to recognize the areas and capacity in which the individuals will be working on the computer, so you can train them specifically for those areas. 

After you’re done with the training, make sure that you keep on checking up on the staff if they are having any troubles maneuvering the technology. Help them out if they are, or ask for volunteers to teach them.